for creating and holding space for us to be ourselves, let our souls out and create a
new story.


retreat participant

Eye opening.


Safe and comfortable.
I feel like a self-imposed weight has been lifted off
my shoulders.


workshop participant

So interesting!


So wonderful to hear someone advocating for self and community care! And great practical take home tips!


self care online series feedback

Thank you


for the beautiful workshop!


workshop participant


Alicia is an activist, social change maker, yoga teacher and mother who is passionate about working towards social, economic and environmental justice. As a yoga and mindfulness teacher and Ayurvedic practitioner, she
fuses her understanding of the ancient vedic
teachings and Ayurvedic healing tradition with
modern day science and a lived experience
of being deeply involved across a range of
environmental and social justice issues to
lead from the heart with wisdom,
understanding, humility and compassion
in these workshops. 


Resources from a 'Radical Self Care' workshop run at Progress 2019 Conference in Melbourne
Sharing ideas for a healthy diet + rejuvenating lifestyle practices.
'6 Weeks of Self Care' online course
'Tips for Self-Care' presentation at the Yoga & Healing Summit 
Traditional health and healing concepts translated into simple, sustainable self-care principles for modern-day change-makers and world changers.  

It is not always easy to make time for or to prioritise our own self-care - and this is especially the case for activists, campaigners, community workers and those in care-giving professions because we place such high expectations on ourselves and there is always the next campaign, the next project, the next client just around the corner.


Our work is often driven by passion but fuelled by bad habits. We often feel drained from a seemingly endless ‘to-do’ list, pulled in a million different directions and are accustomed to putting the needs of others and/or the cause ahead of our own. I know, I was one of them, hell, I still am...


But here is one of the most important lessons I have learnt in my life - looking after ourselves and prioritising our own needs is the most radical act of all because it allows us to contribute and make change from a place of wholeness and wellness and thus sustain our work for the long-term.


A bit more about my story...

From a very young age I felt called to learn about and do everything I could to try and achieve global social and economic equality. At age 18 I spent a year volunteering in a remote village in Tanzania, I came home to study International Development and spent the next 5 or so studying, travelling, volunteering, interning and working in some of the most economically impoverished countries in the world.
I built a career and an identity around working hard, taking on challenges, putting myself out of my comfort zone and doing all I could to end extreme poverty, curb global warming, empower young people, and create a better, more just, more connected, sustainable and regenerative future. 

As part of this I designed and facilitated deeply transformative personal and leadership development programs, I contributed to great campaigns, managed big projects and large-scale events and was privileged to work with some of Australia’s leading social change organisations.

But, I pushed it too far. After so many years of working to my absolute limit - engaging in a cycle of pushing and pushing and then collapsing in a heap, I realised I had done real damage to my body, my mental capacity and my nervous system. 


This personal experience of burn-out and fatigue led me to dramatically change my approach to living and working. It was the seed to becoming a yoga + mindfulness teacher + Ayurvedic practitioner and the Founder of Liminal Life. I now believe that sharing my story is an important part of changing the culture of our work and community spaces - to ones which prioritise self + collective care and take positive actions towards supporting people's health and wellbeing.


As an advocate and practitioner, I am committed to helping those working within the social change and community sectors to integrate wholistic health and wellness practices into their life and work and am passionate about assisting others to transform their own lives and the lives of those around them for sustained positive social change.

I bring all of me when I run these sessions - I share my story (the bad and the good bits), I lead embodied, somatic movement + mindfulness practices,
I share tips and frameworks for thinking about self-care, I create space for participants to open up, share and connect with likeminded folk/colleagues,
I weave in rituals for reflection + releasing, I invite and support people to set concrete goals and establish community accountability by sharing their intentions and declaring their commitments and I make a pretty damn compelling
argument as to why prioritising the health + wellbeing of yourself and the people around you is the best investment you will ever make!

Sessions can be run as a stand-alone offering or as part of a series - see below for some ideas based on work I have done with previous clients:


One-off workshops are designed to be interactive and engaging with opportunities for personal reflection, group sharing and hands-on experience of practices to bring a little more self care into your life. Perfect for staff/volunteer personal development sessions, trainings and retreats or as part of a conference or small community gathering. 


Less doing, more talking, but the benefit is you get a huge information download on all things self care, holistic health + wellbeing and ways to make small shifts in your daily life that can have a big impact on how you feel + show up at work, for your family and for yourself. Presentations are best suited to larger audiences, some online situations and for festivals, expos or larger community gatherings.

Workshop Series

A wonderful opportunity to "walk the talk"! If you are serious about advocating for and prioritising self + collective care in your workplace or community organisation this is the option I would love you to consider. I'll work with your team to design a program specific to the needs of participants based on a timeframe that suits you best (eg; weekly, fortnightly, monthly). In each workshop we will dive deeply into a new theme, exploring through information sharing, discussion groups, personal reflection, movement + mindfulness practices and more how we can best integrate self and collective care into our lives and the lives of those around us. Especially great for frontline workers, activists, caregivers, support workers, educators, teachers, managers, healers and anyone who gives of themself trying to make the world a better place.