I loved socialising with the other girls and challenging my body.


16yrs, community program

Loved it!


I would highly recommend this program to other young people.


15yrs, school program

Very enjoyable!


I learnt a lot about myself and got to try new things.


15yrs, community sports club

5 out of 5!


These workshops were really enjoyable. I always left with a sense of fulfillment. 


16yrs, community program

LL_Teen Yoga + Health and Wellbeing for
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All sessions will be led by experienced youth facilitator and yoga teacher,
Alicia Crawford Bell. Alicia has over 20 years experience designing and facilitating personal development and leadership programs for young people and community groups. She has worked with some of Australia’s leading social change organisations and with a wide variety of schools.

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Personal 'Affirmation Blocks' made during a 6-week TEEN YOGA + WELLBEING program held at a local community yoga studio in 2019.
'Connecting to the elements' activity run as part of an 'eco-self' workshop for year 9 students.
Participant journals designed to accompany the TEEN YOGA + WELLBEING program - a tool for self reflection, tracking progress, personal growth, lessons learnt, note taking, doodling and more! 

Offering young people an opportunity to relax, unwind, calm the mind, connect with their inner-world and learn new skills for leadership, resilience and self-care.


Choose from the selection below to build your own program or get in touch to talk about how we can tailor an offering specifically for your school, organisation or community group.

Sessions can be run as a stand-alone offering (just yoga class or yoga + wellbeing workshop) or could form part of a series of sessions.

Perfect for:

  • physical education, health and wellbeing classes in schools

  • student or youth leadership / personal development programs

  • retreats, camps, extra-curricular activities

  • community sports clubs

  • local council youth programs

  • community yoga studios

Learning skills for health and wellbeing is essential for young people today and there is ample evidence to suggest that yoga, self awareness and mindfulness practices can help reduce stress and alleviate/prevent a wide range of mental and physical health issues. My classes and workshops are designed to work with the whole self - mind, body heart and soul and offer a range of physical and mental practices for participants of all ages and abilities. I teach about the importance of self awareness, self reflection, self care, understanding your own values and living and leading from your heart. 

With a 15+ year career working with and for young people, I believe I have a deep understanding of the needs and desires, the motivations and thought patterns well as the worries and concerns of young people and encourage self expression, self confidence and self love as well as understanding and compassion for peers and collective responsibility for issues currently facing our world. 

I am committed to issues of social justice, and value equality, inclusivity, ecological awareness, building and strengthening community connection and can bring all of this into my sessions when suitable. 


SLOW FLOW - a gentle movement based yoga class to build strength, self-esteem +


RELAX + UNWIND - a restorative YIN style class to help students connect with the body + breath and to calm the mind


BODY - learn about the importance of setting a daily routine + explore healthy eating, sleep and exercise patterns

MIND - breathing exercises, guided meditation + creative arts or ecological based reflection activities

HEART - learn to locate innate power, build

self-confidence + self-esteem and identify networks + resources for ongoing connection and support

SOUL - reflect on your values and learn to start living and leading with purpose + passion

*taking bookings now for 2021!